Saturday, December 19, 2009


SUPERRZAAAP! & Club Culture Presents:
Christmas is arriving, Let's sweeten your Christmas Eve,
Lighten up the christmas tree and Treasure hunt your x'mas present!

Special! : Midnight Mass with beer and donut

DJ CHEF & Superrzaaap! Djs will glaće
your night with
'French Electro' sound
& Indy dance tunes.

WHEN : 24th of December 2009
WHERE : Club Culture
DRESSCODE : Black / Red / Polka-Dot >> be cherry on top!
TIX : FREE ENTRY before 11pm // 300 Baht afterward with one drink.
Plus 1 Treasure hunt ticket

Hip Hip Ho Ho Hooray! Let's all celebrate!!

DJ MAG (electro / disco punk reviews)
"The Perspex debut from Parisians Chef is stuffed with the hallmarks
of what makes the French capital's music tick. Kicking in the spliced
beats and basslines (tick), we're lulled into a
funky tech groove (tick)
when suddenly an unheralded organ arpeggio
rises between the kick
drums (tick). Who Made Who / Gomma artist Tomboy
takes up remix
duty and stripes the track to its techie elements, setting on the funk

before flipping it into driving glitch techno."

DJ MAG (electro house reviews)
"Back in 2005 'Being Chef' balanced noisy electro and harpsichord
breakdowns to find much favour. A couple of years later it's business
as usual with cod-classical melodies underpinned with chunky
Even better is Tomboy's mix that cuts it up like a
turntablist and adds in
a trancy synth and some live acid.

More About DJ CHEF

Download CHEF E.P.

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