Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Ride a Life!!

“RIDE a LIFE” an arts project inspired by “Bicycle”, presented by JNSNP crews, even though our government and Bangkok Metropolitan Administration Office organized several campaigns to promote the use of bikes instead of other vehicles in towns, they were not very caught attention effectively. JNSNP, with the strong intention, would like to continue, build better images and further develop community’s interest for use bikes, through “Arts”. JNSNP believes that “Arts” is the easy way to connect to larger group of people no matters how old they are. Inspiration of “RIDE a LIFE” project will be presented through printing, photography, illustrate typography, music and other various kinds of arts.
The first experimental “RIDE a Life” project was held in Chiang Mai during 2-4 October 2009 at Seescape Gallery. The warmest welcome and well interests from the participants including supports by well known local artists delivered the first step of “RIDE a Life” project a very successful event.
There will be more than 70 fresh art pieces in various media such as installation art, media arts, short film, motion graphic, photography, graphic design, illustrate, street arts, typography, sculpture, product design, fashion design, sound art, interactive design and poetry from : LOLAY / P7 / HERN / SETHAPONG POVATONG / SANTI LAWRACHAWEE / DJ. DRAGON from HOMEBASS COMMUNICATIONS / NEVER / SPANKY NU from SLOWMOTION / SS / SHY from INT2 / PAKORN / ROMESILP / SRETSIS / P.P.P / A.M.P. / GUENO DESIGN / WOLF KIND MUSEUM / BKK2 / BAS from DUCKFIXED / CKPT from FARFAST / WANPRACHA.SGR, GAGA, WAIWHAN from STAY LOOSEN / CHAN / ANATOMY, NGOR, MYYD from A.O.I / TIKKYWOW, RIZING SUN from WAW / PONGTHEP ANURAT / ILL / YODD from HAPPY FRIDAY / PRECISE MONKEY / THUN PUCHPEN / G / PRAPA / PRAKO ATTACK / NALS FATNERD / MOXTMXST / BOWSCLOSE NOKHOOKDESIGN / KOBBY1x ROCKER MANIA from DTHS / HUUYAOW / STARGAZER / SUPER SONIC, STARSKI from SUPERRZAAAP! / RONOBOY / with JNSNP CREW : CHUBBY CHAIN / OAKY JEW / MAMACUP711 / GOTTOH / SHITTAK / BR&NDBOOK / MIXMESS / SPACENOID / RUKKIT / MAMAFAKA and MORE. and much more Enjoy Tiger beer with DJ supersonic, stargazer, etc. plus Gift Away from Volcom, superr zaaap!, us and them, and er-ror
ART GORILLAS (2nd Floor, Lido Cinema, Siam square) will be overflowing when bikes become arts on this coming 4 November, 19.00 – 23.00
7 PM: Register and give away souvenirs to anyone attending the event by riding any bike Then: Opening of the event and enjoy the party with DJ supersonic, stargazer, etc. Followed by: Awarding prizes and souvenirs from volcom, superr zaaap!, us and them, error, etc. Next: The time to enjoy the arts through VDO, presentation and music presented by the supporters After that: Secret Bike Competition End up with: Closing ceremony and after party!!

'RIDE a LIFE' is an arts project inspired by 'Bicycle'





Art Gorillas ชั้น2 โรงหนังลิโด้ สยามสแควร์


soundtrack ประกอบการปั่นจักรยาน




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