Sunday, November 8, 2009

Clash The Disko Kids!!

เรื้อน ORG! Presents:

WHAT : Clash the disko kids from Singapore
with DJ Supersonic ♥
WHERE : Club Culture
WHEN : Friday 13th of Nov 2009 // 10PM-Late
ENTRY : 350+1 dope
THEME : เพี้ยน เพี้ยน (retarded)

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Clash The Disko Kids (CTDK) is a Singapore electro-techno-house
duo consisting of DJ Kurt and Weili. Together as Clash The Disko
Kids, they have been formidable on the dance floors as Singapore’s
most popular electronic group. With over 15 years turntable experience
between them, and a blatant disregard for music genres, they are
known for incorporating a strong rock influence into their sets and
image. A CTDK set is like one big lesson in the history of electronic
music in one night! You can only expect a mural of sounds when CTDK
go behind the decks. Out of nowhere, the duo seemed to have
emerged out of the concrete jungle and reinvented the clubbing
landscape in Singapore, putting their own sick twists towards music
such as adding samples, accapellas and sound fx to their DJ sets and
just about everything around it to put smiles on the clubbers’ faces and
hands in the air. The result is something really quite exciting and
definitely very refreshing!

Listen to their tune here!

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