Monday, June 27, 2011

Mighty Wallet at SUPERRZAAAP!

Introducing the revolutionary Mighty Wallet®!

Made from the same material used to make express mail envelopes,
the Mighty Wallet® is tear-resistant, water-resistant and stain-resistant.
Despite its super thin design, it is surprisingly expandable and 100%
recyclable. But that’s still not all. You can now choose from more than
75 amazing graphics, including our famous Airmail wallet, making them
the best choice for cool wallets - for guys and girls alike - as well as
a great gift idea!

The super strong, lightweight, microfiber material (Tyvek®) is made
of thousands of plastic fibers, 50 times smaller than a human hair.
A traditional wallet doesn’t usually have the strength and durability
of our cool wallets. The Mighty Wallet® is simply the best wallet to
come along in years.

Durable Wallet

Incredibly long lasting, the Mighty Wallet® shown here was over
1 year old when photographed. Many customers give great wallet
reviews regarding the durability and strength of the Mighty Wallet®.

Water resistant Wallet

The Mighty Wallet is also water-resistant. The fibers of the
Mighty Wallet® are not paper but plastic so they remain
just as strong wet or dry. The Mighty Wallet® can float on
water if you’re only carrying a couple credit cards and ID.

Tough Wallet

The Mighty Wallet has incredible strength that must be
seen to be believed Watch our wallet reviews now in a series
of cool videos below.

Lightweight Wallet

The microfiber Tyvek® material is one tenth of the
thickness of a human hair. The entire wallet is only 1/8th
of one inch thick. The proven benefits of having such a thin
wallet are a slim profile, less bulk and freedom of movement.

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