Monday, October 19, 2009

Paul Smith’s ‘Stamped Objects’ exhibition

Paul Smith is delighted to be hosting an exhibition of
‘Stamped Objects’ – objects sent through the post to
Paul from an un-known admirer.

‘For over 15 years I have been receiving these crazy things
from an unknown fan – Male? Female? It’s really amazing.
It seems to me to be more artistic than a lot of so called art
which is revered around the world. Objects such as a ski,
a football, a chair, a surfboard, etc etc etc have arrived
through the post but NEVER in a box – always with the
address and stamps on the actual article. I find it fascinating
and intriguing but really don’t want to know who the sender
is. Recently a TV channel wanted to do a show about it but I
said no as the mystery is much more interesting!’ Paul Smith

The ‘Stamped Collection’ includes a huge and varied
collection of un-expected objects that have been stamped
and posted to Paul. Without any packaging, objects first
began arriving in 1998 – addresses and stamps placed
directly on the bonnet of a toy car, on the leather of a
football, on rubber gloves even on a bicycle saddle.

Usually housed in Paul’s office alongside the quirky
curious that he has collected – the exhibition includes
items such as a pull along cart, watering can, toy
grasshopper, wheelbarrow, traffic cone and fishing net
amongst other unexpected objects.

The exhibition gives an insight into Paul’s fascination
and interest in the every day, as well as kitsch and bazaar
objects that often present a real sense of humour. For the
first time, these objects will be displayed together inviting
people to share in Paul’s intrigue.

Meet the Paul Smith “Stamped Objects” exhibition during
October 21th – 25th, 2009 at Siam Paragon fashion Gallery,
level 1(in front of Paul Smith boutique)

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