Saturday, November 8, 2008


First day at Fat Fest 8, see what you shouldn't miss!!..

Giant Dinosour!

Maywa-Denki from Japan

Maywa-Denki Booth

Full of wired & crazy product!

Get one of 'em today, they make noise not war! - and so cute!

Maywa-Denki as Sava-O

Highlight of the festival - impressive performace!!! just love em'

Super Size Sava-O

Starski & Sava-O

Overhead Night Club, where you can only see heads & hear only music!

Ice Skate link.. a bit too small but it's cool anyway!

you send sms, they post it on this huge display!

paper spaceship and found this zaaap couple!

Also, you can meet & greet Kitsch Cat Artists here!!

T-shirt also available for only 300 baht

One big happy family! - meet them at Superrzaaap booth!

Performance from JEDI

The youngest artist in the festival!

Rock! and.. Roll!!

If you miss the first day, you can still catch up on Sunday 9th
at Impact Arena, MeaungThong Thani // noon till 11 pm.
see yah!!

P.S. We miss you P'Goffie! Be prepare! we will rock you!

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tob said...

thank you for my family pic.
love u na ka